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Who We Are

VKL Seasoning Pvt Ltd. is the part of dsm-firmenich. Since our inception in Kerala in 1935, the spice capital of the world, we have evolved from being whole-spice traders to one of the India's largest seasoning & flavour solution provider.


In pursuit of our group vision, we at VKL want “to create endless great tasting food & beverage experience for our customers".



Values - VKL Spices

At VKL we believe our values lie at the core of the way we do our business. They enable us to create a distinct identity for ourselves, in front of all our stakeholders. Through our values of Innovation, Achievement Orientation, Customer Focus, Care and team work we create a culture for the organization where new ideas thrive, teams focus and persevere with high energy & execution, customers come first and care and team work form organizational pillars.

Innovation: Explore new ways to build on opportunities and solve problems. Thinking like an entrepreneur and creating new possibilities

  • We think and act like owners
  • We find solutions to every challenge
  • We believe in doing things in new and simpler ways

Achievement Orientation: High levels of drive and planning to realize stretch outcomes while being excited about possibilities, unfazed by challenges and raising the bar for self and others

  • We believe in growth, speed and energy to deliver results
  • We plan what we do and do what we plan

Customer Focus: Building a deep, and trusted equation with customers and creating long term value for customers

  • We build long lasting customer relationships

Care: Demonstrating care, appreciation and support to each other, thereby creating a nurturing environment that brings out the best in people

  • We help our team members and peers to grow
  • We act with Integrity in whatever we do

Team Work: Inclusive, supportive and engaging with people across the organization to deliver the best solutions.

  • We trust and support each other as together we can win more


VKL Advantage

If you choose to work with us, you can be rest assured you're getting the absolute best there is to get in the food business.

Here's what makes our seasonings and flavours all the more unique and special.