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  • Adding winners to your menu
    • The Indian Palate is unique and we create a range of snack food seasoning solutions designed to appeal to it. We accomplish this using western technology and local and global ingredients. We have been instrumental in building significant market share for our snack food customers.
  • How we do it
    • We track worldwide trends in the snacks category and synergize them with our understanding of the Indian markets. The in-house flavor capability helps us incorporate flavors into our seasonings that are virtually impossible to replicate via seasonings alone, and thus giving our clients a competitive advantage.
  • Product categories
    • We offer seasonings for in-dough, dust on, slurry and coatings for the following categories:
      • Potato Chips
      • Extruded and Fried Collets
      • Corn Balls
      • Fried Pellets
      • Baked Pellets
      • Savory Biscuits
      • Indian Namkeens – Bhujia, Sev, Chanachur, Moong Dal, Mixture, etc.
      • Khakra
      • Fried and Coated Papads
      • Nuts including Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios
      • Tortilla and Corn Chips, Pop Corns, etc.
  • The VKL advantage
    • Cross-segment innovation
      We track consumer preferences in other segments like QSR, Convenience Foods and Flavors to create innovative profiles for snacks which appeal to Indian consumers.

      We do periodic mapping of our customer’s product range to identify the gaps in relation to market trends and competitors.

      We do periodic proactive concept presentation as well as product testing and tasting. We have a special process to develop these proactive concepts.

      Authentic taste
      We combine our spice heritage, sourcing and in-house flavor capability to offer you snacks seasonings that taste authentic to the Indian Palate.
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