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If your business is the ready to eat and ready to cook category, or if you are a food professional in one, you can expand your RTE and RTC concepts powered by innovative taste trends. We make a whole range of food solutions that span across the category of convenience food.

Breakfast Category
This fastest growing category includes all kinds of Cereals like Oats, Rice Flakes, Broken Wheat, and other healthy cereals. Here, VKL can provide seasonings, fortified seasonings, etc. We also work with you to provide unique proposition for your consumers. With expert R&D, VKL works not only on flavors but also on feasibility of Bases, and the related science part of it.

Frozen Snacks & Meat
Convenience has become a big driver for everybody. With food inflation at a high and eating out becoming expensive, frozen snacks and meat have started appealing to the Indian consumers. The unique proposition of fast-to-cook and ready-to-eat food have opened a huge opportunity. This includes ready-to-fry / cook / eat food like French Fries, Cutlets, Tikkis, Sausages, etc. We at VKL, bring you a variety of marinades, coating premixes, sprinklers and dust, which take your signature dish to a new level. We not only provide you the product but also work together on texture, flavor and appearance that would intensify the excitement.

Sauces & Curry Pastes
A great cook is known, appreciated and remembered by his sauces. Sauces and Curry pastes make any dish a signature dish. They not only enhance the flavor of the dish but also adds a new dimension. These pastes are used to add flavor, appeal, moisture and texture to the dish. At VKL, we understand the importance of the sauce and thus, we provide you a unique customized flavor to make your sauce a signature product. We unite authenticity and simplicity for you.

Pickles, Chutneys & Dips
Accompaniments and side dishes exemplify the beauty and add diversity to any dish. VKL helps you to tickle your consumers through a plethora of product offerings and ideas. With unique spice mixes for ready-to-eat pickles, we create different and exotic flavored chutney mixes which can be relished any time by simply mixing in oil or water. We bring together the taste and simplicity with various options to transform a humble mayonnaise or curd into an exotic bold flavored dip. We add more flavor to your diversified menu.

Noodles & Pasta
Noodles & Pasta have become relatively native food for Indians and is served at every next home. International exposure, new taste and formats are getting well accepted by the people. With spice expertise and culinary understanding, VKL creates a great composition of taste and uniqueness. We provide different solutions for all kinds of Noodle formats and create unique flavor and seasonings with a signature note.

Beverage Mix
Make your beverage more tasty and flavorful. VKL offers unique spice and flavor blends that are ready to use for instant drink premixes or to make spicy buttermilk, masala chai, flavored coffee, etc.

Soya Chunks
We help you make the versatile Soya Chunk add more value to your product portfolio. VKL works with to create recipes that enhance the flavor and add taste without altering the nutritional count. VKL provides seasonings and flavors in customized pack sizes that fit seamlessly into your product portfolio.

Soups have become an integral part of everybody’s life. Whether you want to have a light dinner, shed some weight or refresh yourself, the first thing that comes to your mind is a bowl of hot steaming soup. With our long industry experience and expert’s creations we have basket of options in every possible soup format. We provide Soup premixes to make Soups as tasty as ever. VKL has worked out various options like Stove Top Soup premix and Instant Soup premix in all kind of flavors like Continental, Oriental, Chinese, Indian, etc.

Rice Seasonings
Making flavored rice is no more cumbersome. After passing through expert hands of R&D, we make rice tasty and desirable by adding our specially crafted blend of spices and flavors that also deliver consistent quality. At VKL, we can mix this magical sprinkling with rice or serve it in a separate sachet to be added after cooking. With our versatile culinary understandings, we have created various seasonings and flavors inspired by different cuisines from International as well Indian flavors. Giving an exotic taste to the simple steamed rice.

Our chefs and food professionals push the frontiers of innovation every day to bring you food solutions that can help you manage your business in a smoother and more efficient manner.
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Our clients
We see Convenience foods as a big growth driver for our business. VKL has helped us over the last one year to develop our thoughts on the category, and I am happy to say that we have launched 3 product lines this year, all powered by VKL. We expect to continue depending on their innovation skills and category understanding for our future launches.

– Business Head of RTE/RTC foods &
   leading FMCG player