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  • Adding winners to your menu
    • In 1994, VKL pioneered the creation of seasonings capability in India to cater to the QSR segment. Today, we deliver innovative food solutions to all the leading QSRs. We rely on our knowledge of Indian, Middle Eastern, African and Western food habits to serve both Western and Indian formats. Our team has a proven track record in creating new menus, new tastes or in recreating an existing taste while maintaining a quick turnaround time, conforming to global regulations at a highly competitive price.
  • How we do it
    • The VKL QSR team studies your menu and comes up with product ideas that can add excitement, freshness and create opportunities to upsell items to consumers. Then we typically set up a DEMO DAY where we come and convert these ideas into reality, right in your kitchen, and make you actually taste and experience them. Once we narrow down to the winning products, we then tailor the process to fit your kitchen equipment and workflow.
  • Product categories
    • • Meat/Vegetable Seasonings (Marinades, Rubs, Glazes, Seasonings for formed
         products, enforced products like Sausages, Salamis, Burgers, Nuggets)
      • Sauce Seasonings (Dry premix for water and cream reconstitution, Seasonings for mixing with
         Mayonnaise or Tomato Base)
      • Soups/Gravy Mixes
      • Sprinklers
      • Bakery Solutions
      • Beverages Premixes
      • Breakfast Solutions
      • Desserts
  • The VKL advantage
    • Complete menu solutions
      We provide integrated solutions that include mapping of the product, the product positioning and the creation of the menu itself.

      Consistent quality
      Our seven decades of spice heritage, complete traceability, robust SCM for consistent rates through the year and Quality Analysis give you consistency across regions and time period.

      Authentic end-product experience You can replicate fresh ingredient recipes easily with VKL food solutions such as gravy mixes, soups and beverages, among others.
VKL QSR Division
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