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VKL QSR Division
In 1994, VKL pioneered the creation of seasonings capability in India to cater to the QSR segment Today, we deliver innovative food solutions to all the leading QSRs....
VKL Snacks Division
The Indian Palate is unique and we create a range of snack food seasoning solutions using western technology and local and global ingredients...
VKL Convenience Foods Division
Our experience and expertise enables our RTC and RTE customers to provide a ‘just like home cooked’ experience for the end customers...
VKL Flavors Division
Food flavor is eclectic mix of art and science. The art lies in understanding, decoding and visualizing The science lies in creating the same, consistently....
VKL Food Service Division - Chef's Art
Our Food Service Division leverages on our strength in creating winning solutions for QSR to deliver best-in-class solutions for restaurants, caterers, hotels and institutional canteens....