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  • Adding winners to your menu
    • At VKL, we have a unique seasonings ecosystem, best-inclass team, in-house flavor capability, trained chefs and spice heritage.
  • How we do it
    • We understand the prevalent and upcoming food processing technology, the regional palate and ingredients better than any other seasoning company in the region. This enables us to create highly cost effective and yet innovative solutions to recreate food cooked at home. This in turn, enables our RTC and RTE customers to provide a ‘just like home cooked’ experience for the end customers at home without compromising on convenience, taste or health.
  • Product categories
    • We offer seasonings and premixes solutions for following RTE and RTC categories:
      • Breakfast Category
      • Frozen Snack & Meat
      • Sauces, Curry Pastes
      • Pickles, Chutneys & Dips
      • Noodles & Pasta
      • Rice Seasonings
      • Soya Chunks
      • Soups
      • Beverage Mix
      • Value added spice mix (Garam Masala, Meat Masala etc.)
  • The VKL advantage
    • Understanding food consumption patterns
      Convenience foods are evolving segments of the Indian market. They will drive the next wave of growth in the Food category. We do rigorous study and consumer research to understand what the consumer is eating, why and when and what kind of convenience solutions will work for them.

      Synthesis of QSR, Snacks, Flavors trends and taste
      We are constantly at the cutting edge of new product development in the QSR, Snacks and Flavors space in India through our focused divisions. In our labs, we improvise on these ideas in order to make them available in RTE or RTC formats.

      Discovery of various cuisines and tastes
      We are constantly evaluating new cuisines and tastes that can deliver a twist to make convenience foods more exciting. Our chefs can create flavors and tastes from African Jungles to Italian lanes, from Himalayan ranges to Malabar Coast.
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